Web platform for World Class International

Web platform for World Class International


Our successful cooperation of more than 3 years with World Class Romania gave us the opportunity to fulfil one of the works not performed by several foreign web agencies: creating a unitary web platform which shall allow the management of the entire online presence of the international group World Class.

Seeing that the new web platform was to allow the building of websites for World Class in Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Poland and Sweden, each country with its own specificity, we have chosen to create from the very beginning a complex web system.

The 7 websites are graphically identical, nevertheless they present particularities at the structure and content level. Due to the flexibility of the platform we created, each World Class club can independently manage its profile and activities.

An important component of the site is its integration within the management system of the club activity, which publishes the schedules of the aerobic classes and the World Class members can book to such classes.



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