online presence for a successful glossy magazine

online presence for a successful glossy magazine


Bfresh is a lifestyle magazine which guides its readers in various fields like beauty, health, sport and wellness in order to enjoy their best shape. Bfresh opens a gate to the world of World Class: beautiful shapes in a healthy body and mind. World Class members refer to Bfresh for their essential resources in making the best choices in everyday life.

Bfresh is a true inspiration for World Class members. With an elegant style and well documented and particularized articles, with our most famous experts and living pages, Bfresh brings value to our readers and publicity customers.

The site is an extension of the style and graphics of the magazine. The full structure and graphical elements were conceived in order to point out the content and to be user friendly for the readers. The Management panel allows you to quickly and easily add its content which helps a lot the editorial team. We have also focused on integrating content distribution options on social networks.

The bfresh.ro website is offline since 01.01.2014.



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